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UX GENIUS team work is described most effectively by the success stories of our customers.

UX GENIUS developed an application that helps Swedbank customers to find the discounts near them.

измеримый результат MEASURABLE RESULTS
  • Increase of loyal and satisfied customers
  • Increased use of payment cards
результат на перспективу THE FUTURE RESULTS
  • Positive social feedback
  • Increase the value of Swedbank cards
  • Increase customer engagement and brand.
News portal

Permanent Support and Development of the News Portal

  • Improved design of some website sections
  • Extended functionality, advanced experience of using tools for users
  • Improved reliability of the website
  • Customized email newsletter system
  • New advertising campaigns due to our design and connected marketing tools
  • Regular support for the magazine's web platforms
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Service Package for the Dental Clinic Meerhof Dental Kliinik

  • Analysis of the dental services market and formation of the target audience profile
  • Development of the corporate style
  • Creation of the functional and user-friendly website - an effective channel for attracting patients
  • Unique photos and high-quality texts in three languages
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Новостной портал

Website Audit

You want to know in which state is your website, whether it complies with all the requirements of modern times and whether it is available for all search engines? In that case, please order the service of website audit, and our specialist will be able to answer all these questions by analysing it.

It is absolutely free of charge! Currently. Hurry!


What can we do for you?

  • develop internet marketing strategy

    Develop Internet Marketing Strategy

  • Create A Marketing Site Or Online Store

    Create A Marketing Site Or Online Store

  • Conduct Advertising Campaigns (Google Adwords)

    Conduct Advertising Campaigns (Google Adwords)

  • Promote Your Site In Search Engines (Seo)

    Promote Your Site In Search Engines (Seo)

  • Manage Social Media (Smm)

    Manage Social Media (Smm)

  • Develop And Implement Content Marketing

    Develop And Implement Content Marketing

  • Develop A Strategy Of E-mail Marketing

    Develop A Strategy Of E-mail Marketing

  • Write Selling Texts, Which Will Approve The Search Engines

    Write Selling Texts, Which Will Approve The Search Engines

You may probably think that other companies provide the same services - create websites and other online marketing tools.

What is the uniqueness of UX GENIUS team?

We create for your business A COMPREHENSIVE SYSTEM OF INTERNET MARKETING through effective interaction of technologies.

This enables you to receive MAXIMUM FINANCIAL RESULT from your business.

Yes, I Want To Organise My Business

How do we do it?

  • Increasing website traffic
  • Collecting contacts of potential customers
  • Creating relationships with potential customers
  • The first sale

Constant cooperation with customer

Are you ready to entrust the creation of integrated online marketing to experienced professionals?

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    Our main task - to achieve your results.
    And we think about it, even while taking a morning shower.

  • 2

    Quality with a capital letter.
    This is the result of many years' experience and continuous professional development of our team.

  • 3

    We value your time and money.
    We are constantly optimising processes, increasing the speed of implementation of projects and reducing costs.

  • 4

    We stand at the forefront of technology.
    Regularly we monitor and test trends of internet marketing by helping you to keep up the date.


Who We Are

UX GENIUS is a premium UX Design and Web Development company. A full-stack agency with highly experienced developers & web-designers.

Head office of UX GENIUS Company is based in Tallinn, Estonia. It's a country where such startups as Skype and TransferWise were born, where all processes in the state can be done electronically. We can implement innovations and make any business outstanding online.

Our top specialists have over 12 years of experience in the industry. In 2017 our company and team were totally restructured to emphasize the importance of users' experience in the development of new technologies. That's how UX Genius was established.

What distinguishes us from the rest is the ability to look beyond technologies and deliver innovative and progressive solutions.

High standards allow us to guarantee that each website we build, each product we design stands out with the quality. Every great solution starts with a conversation. We stand for long-term and trusty relationship with clients.

Our team

Each member of our team involved in your project ensures its quality.

Strength and flexibility of our team gives organized system works with a network of selected professionals worldwide.