Permanent Support and Development of the News Portal


Popular in Estonia, specialized news portal and printed publication for accountants, financiers and lawyers published in Estonian and Russian.

Every day tens of thousands of people use the website. Advertising campaigns are run on the Internet on a regular basis. The editorial staff organizes thematic seminars and forums for the magazine’s audience.

The editorial staff organizes thematic seminars and forums for the magazine’s audience.

Business Difficulties

The development of the magazine resulted in the increase in the number of different platforms and parts of the website that needed support. The platforms introduced in the news portal were becoming obsolete every year.

Also, the portal needed daily help in creating and processing marketing materials for the Internet resources.

These problems required a prompt solution.

In the beginning, the editorial staff used to engage freelancers. But as the amount of work increased, the magazine staff had no time to control quality and promptness of the tasks performed, and freelancers did not always work quickly.

The solution was to find a new partner to provide high-quality, prompt and regular performance of tasks

Criteria for a New Partner

  • Reliable, ready to take responsibility for the smooth operation of the news portal.
  • Able to implement aesthetical and effective marketing solutions on the Internet.
  • Create user-friendly websites so that the magazine readers can easily read information on any device in a convenient design.
  • Implement reliable and safe technical solutions, easy for administration and management.
  • Work for a mutually beneficial price.
  • Persistent and long-term cooperation.

Why Did the Client Choose InsLab?

We met all the criteria
  • More than 7 years in business
  • Professional programmers and designers
  • Customization due to the flexible work schedule of InsLab
  • Knowledge and ability to adjust modern IT for business
  • Ability to respond quickly to urgent tasks
  • Orientation towards the client’s interests
Новостной портал

Technical Result

  • Improved design, increased usability of some website sections
  • Extended functionality, advanced experience of using tools for users
  • Improved reliability of the website
  • Customized email newsletter system, new design and technical components
  • New design, connected marketing tools for advertising campaigns (banners, landings, etc.)
  • Regular support for the magazine’s web platforms

Result for Business

Thanks to InsLab’s prompt support and development of the magazine’s technical and marketing base, the client now has more time to maintain the high quality of its products, as well as to organize thematic events.

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